Are Ghosts Real? Star of CBS Show ‘Ghosts’ Weighs In


An Exclusive Interview with the Star of CBS’s Hilarious Paranormal Sitcom

In the whimsical and otherworldly sitcom “Ghosts,” Asher Grodman embodies the spectral character of Trevor, one of the many charming and eccentric spirits residing in the Woodstone Mansion, which has been transformed into a bed and breakfast by its aspiring innkeeper owners, Sam and Jay.” alt=”Asher Grodman playing Trevor in “Ghosts””>

In this exclusive interview, Asher shares his unique perspective on the show, his character, and the challenges and rewards of portraying a ghost.

Q: Asher, what drew you to the role of Trevor in “Ghosts”?

A: It was the opportunity to play a character that’s both absurd and grounded. Trevor is a ghost who’s stuck in this awkward teenage phase, but he’s also surprisingly insightful and has a lot to say about life, death, and everything in between.

Q: How did you prepare to portray a ghost?

A: I did a lot of research on different types of ghosts and their lore. I also spent a lot of time watching old movies and TV shows about ghosts to get a sense of how they were traditionally portrayed. But ultimately, I wanted to bring a modern and relatable sensibility to the role.

Q: What do you find most challenging about playing a ghost?

A: The physicality of it. I’m constantly having to find ways to move and react that are unnatural and ethereal. It’s also challenging to convey emotions while your face is covered in makeup and you’re floating around in the air.

Q: What do you find most rewarding about the show?

A: The chance to work with such a talented cast and crew. The writers have created such a unique and hilarious world, and it’s a privilege to be a part of it. I also love the fact that the show has such a positive and heartwarming message about accepting people for who they are, even if they’re dead.

Asher Grodman’s portrayal of Trevor in “Ghosts” brings a fresh and captivating twist to the classic ghost story. With its clever writing, lovable characters, and haunting yet heartwarming themes, “Ghosts” is a must-watch for fans of comedy, paranormal, and the absurd.

Don’t miss Asher Grodman in the critically acclaimed “Ghosts,” airing on CBS and streaming on Paramount+!

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