Eurovision Fiasco: Dutch Contestant Expelled Amid Protests and Scandals


Eurovision 2019: Amidst Protests, Netherlands Contestant Removed at the Last Hour

At the grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest, a jarring incident sent shockwaves through the competition: Joost Klein, the representative for the Netherlands, was unexpectedly disqualified hours before the show. This unprecedented move stemmed from a complaint lodged by a female production crew member against Klein, prompting Swedish authorities to launch an investigation.

Political Turmoil Overshadows Musical Extravaganza

The Eurovision Song Contest, renowned for its motto of “united by music,” has become an unwitting pawn in a wider political conflict. Israel’s participation in the event has ignited a chorus of protests, with demonstrators demanding the country’s exclusion due to its actions in the Gaza Strip conflict.

This political tension seeped into the auditorium during Saturday’s dress rehearsal, where a handful of defiant Palestinian flags waved amidst a strict ban on non-contestant nations’ flags. The pressure on the contestants was palpable, with many receiving a barrage of social media abuse and threats. Contest rules, ironically, prohibited them from publicly addressing the situation.

The Power of Love Against the Tides of Adversity

Despite the storm of controversy, some performers found ways to make their voices heard. Italy’s Angelina Mango boldly strode into the Eurovision media center and gave an impromptu performance of John Lennon’s “Imagine” amidst the throng of reporters.

Loreen, the reigning Eurovision champion from Sweden, spoke eloquently about the divisive atmosphere: “World events are truly traumatizing, but we cannot afford to lose the community of love that Eurovision represents.” She passionately argued that love, not negativity, has the transformative power to heal wounds.


The Netherlands’ expulsion from Eurovision 2019 is a stark reminder that the realm of music, even in the confines of an international competition, cannot remain isolated from the broader currents of global affairs. The political turmoil surrounding Israel’s participation has left an undeniable mark on the event, but it has also evoked powerful responses from the competing artists.

As the grand finale unfolds, the spotlight will not only be on the musical performances but also on the larger message of unity and resilience that Eurovision seeks to convey – a testament to the indomitable spirit that music carries in the face of adversity.

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