Lenny Kravitz Embraces 60 and a New Era of Music


Lenny Kravitz sat down exclusively with LA News Center to talk about his upcoming 12th studio album, “Blue Electric Light,” which releases just days before his 60th birthday. The Grammy-winning rockstar also opened up about his roots in New York City, his insecurities, and his openness to finding love.

Celebrating Turning 60 with “Blue Electric Light”

As Kravitz prepares to turn 60, he’s marking the milestone with the release of “Blue Electric Light.” The album, which he describes as a “love album,” is a celebration of life, love, and the power of music.

“This album is about love. It’s about the love of music, the love of life, the love of people,” Kravitz said. “It’s about the ups and downs of relationships, the joy and the pain. It’s about the human experience.”

Humble Beginnings in the Concrete Jungle

Kravitz was born in New York City, the son of a Ukrainian-Jewish mother and a Bahamian-American father. Though his parents divorced when he was young, they both played a big role in shaping his musical journey.

“My mother was a classical pianist, and my father was a jazz musician,” Kravitz said. “I was exposed to all kinds of music from an early age, and it really influenced my own musical style.”

Overcoming Insecurities to Find His Voice

Despite his musical upbringing, Kravitz struggled with insecurities early in his career.

“I wasn’t always the most confident performer,” Kravitz said. “I used to get really nervous before shows. But over time, I learned to channel that nervousness into my music.”

Kravitz’s self-belief paid off. He went on to become one of the most successful musicians of his generation, with numerous hit songs and a Grammy Award to his name.

Open to Love and New Experiences

In addition to his music, Kravitz also talked about his personal life. He is currently single and open to finding love again.

“I’m not looking for anything in particular,” Kravitz said. “I’m just open to the possibility of meeting someone who I connect with.”

Kravitz is also excited about the future and the new experiences that lie ahead.

“I’m grateful for everything that I’ve accomplished,” Kravitz said. “But I’m also excited about what’s to come. I still feel like I’m just getting started.”