Sarah Paulson’s Broadway Triumph: A Dream Come True


Emmy Winner Sarah Paulson Triumphs on Broadway After Decade-Long Hiatus

Renowned actress Sarah Paulson, celebrated for her Emmy-winning performances, has lit up Broadway with her latest triumph in the play “Appropriate.” Donning the mantle of Toni Lafayette in Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ acclaimed work, Paulson has captivated audiences, earning an impressive eight Tony Award nominations. Among these accolades, she shines as a contender for Best Revival of a Play and the coveted Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a Play.

A Return to Her Theatrical Roots

Paulson’s Broadway comeback holds a profound significance for the actress, who forged her nascent career in the pulsating heart of New York theater. “It feels like one of those moments you dream about since you’re a little kid,” she enthused during an interview with LA News Center alongside the playwright, Jacobs-Jenkins. “I can’t believe it’s actually happening.”

[Image of Sarah Paulson in “Appropriate”]

Dreams Realized with Tony Nods

Growing up in the city that beat to the rhythm of Broadway, Paulson yearned to grace its stages. With her exceptional performance in “Appropriate,” she has not only realized this childhood dream but garnered critical acclaim. “I just keep having to pinch myself,” she exclaimed, her disbelief still lingering.

The Power of Storytelling

Paulson’s artistry extends beyond her exceptional technique; it lies in her unwavering commitment to storytelling. “Appropriate,” a play that delves into the complex themes of race and family legacy, resonated deeply with her. “I love being a part of a company that wants to ask difficult questions,” she asserted.

Under the deft direction of Liesl Tommy, the ensemble of “Appropriate” navigates these issues with nuance and authenticity. Paulson’s Toni Lafayette, the matriarch of a fractured family grappling with a patriarch’s death, becomes a conduit for captivating conversations. “It’s about these five siblings with very different experiences and an unresolved trauma in their family,” Paulson explained.

A Masterful Team

Jacobs-Jenkins, the playwright, has crafted a poignant and thought-provoking piece, exploring the generational impact of racism and the fraught relationship between the past and present. His words have found a brilliant interpreter in Sarah Paulson and the talented cast, which includes Michael Urie, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Tracie Thoms.

Together, they have fashioned a production that has captivated Broadway audiences and earned widespread recognition. With its eight Tony Award nominations, “Appropriate” stands as a testament to the enduring power of the theater to provoke, illuminate, and entertain.

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