Unmasking Disability: A Lighthearted Take on “All of Me”


“All of Me”: A Laughter-Filled Look at the Lighter Side of Disability


Beloved actress Kyra Sedgwick, celebrated for her Emmy-winning performances, takes on a new role in the Off-Broadway comedy “All of Me.” She portrays the mother of a young woman with a disability who falls in love with a man who also has a disability. LA News Center’s correspondent Mo Rocca engages in a compelling conversation with Sedgwick, as well as co-stars Madison Ferris and Danny J. Gomez, to explore the heartwarming story that avoids the pitfalls of “inspiration porn.”

Sedgwick’s Unique Perspective:

With over four decades of experience in film and television, Sedgwick offers a nuanced interpretation of her character in “All of Me.” She describes the play as a “family dysfunction story,” focusing on the complexities of relationships and the challenges faced by people with disabilities. Despite the serious subject matter, Sedgwick emphasizes the importance of laughter in shedding light on often-overlooked aspects of disability.

Actors Applaud the Play’s Representation:

Madison Ferris and Danny J. Gomez, who play the disabled characters in “All of Me,” commend the play’s authentic representation of their experiences. They appreciate that the production doesn’t resort to sensationalizing or exploiting their characters’ disabilities. Instead, it presents a relatable and refreshingly honest portrayal of their lives and relationships.

A Refreshing Departure from “Inspiration Porn”:

The term “inspiration porn” has drawn criticism for depicting people with disabilities solely as objects of inspiration. “All of Me” stands out by avoiding this pitfall, instead showcasing the everyday lives and challenges of its disabled characters. By presenting them as fully realized individuals with agency, the play challenges societal perceptions and promotes a more inclusive narrative.

Sedgwick’s Connection to Disability:

Sedgwick shares that her experiences as the mother of a child with a disability have profoundly influenced her portrayal of the character in “All of Me.” She draws upon her personal understanding to create a genuine and compassionate performance that resonates with audiences.

Ferris and Gomez’s Perspectives as Disabled Actors:

Ferris and Gomez, as actors with disabilities themselves, offer valuable insights into their experiences both on and off stage. They provide a unique perspective on how the play represents the joys, challenges, and misconceptions associated with disability. Their involvement brings an authenticity and nuance to the production that enhances its message of acceptance and understanding.

Impactful Storytelling for a Broader Understanding:

“All of Me” serves as a reminder that people with disabilities are diverse and multifaceted individuals, just like anyone else. By presenting a nuanced exploration of their experiences, the play educates and engages audiences, fostering empathy and breaking down barriers. It encourages society to embrace a more inclusive and compassionate approach to disability.

Data sourced from: cbsnews.com