Senator Feinstein’s Secret Health Crisis: Ramay Hunt Syndrome and Encephalitis


Dianne Feinstein’s Health Complications Cast Shadow over Senate Presence

Ravaging Impact of Shingles Emerges

California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein’s health complications stemming from shingles have gone beyond initial knowledge, leaving lasting effects that have raised concerns over her ability to serve as a full-time Senator.

Grave Complications: Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and Encephalitis

According to reports, Senator Feinstein’s shingles spread to her face and neck, causing severe impairments like vision problems, facial paralysis (Ramsay Hunt syndrome), and a previously undisclosed case of encephalitis.

Encephalitis: A Severe Cerebral Threat

Encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain, is a rare but debilitating condition that can result from shingles. According to experts, the risk of developing post-shingles encephalitis is about one in a thousand.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome: Bells Palsy, but More

Ramsay Hunt syndrome, caused by the same virus responsible for chickenpox and shingles, brings on facial nerve paralysis and hearing loss among its potential complications. Though it’s often seen in adults over 60, younger individuals are not immune, as evidenced by Justin Bieber’s recent experience.

Absence and Concerns

Senator Feinstein’s extended leave prompted worries about missed votes and investigations, particularly as she serves on the influential Senate Judiciary Committee. This temporary vacancy hindered President Biden’s appointments and the Judiciary Committee’s ability to issue subpoenas.

Return to Work: Frail Appearance

  • Upon her return, Senator Feinstein, in her late 80s, appeared noticeably frail.
  • Her appearance and behavior prompted discussions about her mental acuity.
  • Feinstein resisted resignation calls, affirming her commitment to her post.

Calls for Resignation

Despite Feinstein’s return, concerns over her abilities have not abated. People close to the Senator suggest she might consider resigning only posthumously.

Potential Successors Emerge

In light of Feinstein’s uncertain future, three leading Democratic Representatives are positioning themselves as potential successors:

Barbara Lee

  • Congressional tenure since 1998
  • Supported by progressives, Congressional Black Caucus, and key California officials

Katie Porter

  • Progressive elected in 2018
  • Known for incisive questioning in committee hearings
  • Endorsed by Senator Elizabeth Warren

Adam Schiff

  • Served since 2001
  • Led former President Trump’s first impeachment
  • Endorsed by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and many California House members