Pack Like a Pro: Unlock Summer Travel Savings with Carry-On Secrets


Pack with Confidence: A Guide to Hassle-Free Carry-On Travel


As the warm breeze of summer beckons, adventurers, avid travelers, and wanderlusters alike are itching to embark on long-awaited escapades. While excitement fills the air, the soaring cost of baggage fees can put a damper on travel plans. Not to worry! LA News Center has consulted with Mike Harvey, a luggage expert from the UK-based firm 1st Move International, who reveals his top tips for navigating the world of vacation-ready packing – all while sticking to a carry-on.

Tips for Maximizing Carry-On Space:

1. Employ the Marie Kondo Folding Technique:

According to Harvey, the key to packing efficiently lies in the art of folding. Inspired by Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo, he suggests folding clothes into compact rectangles that stand upright in your bag. As he notes, “It not only saves space but also makes it easier to see and access each item without setting off an avalanche.”

2. Tuck Away Essentials in Shoes:

Don’t let empty space go to waste. Take advantage of the space within your shoes by tucking away items like socks, underwear, and electronics. Harvey emphasizes, “This strategy has the added benefit of helping your shoes maintain their shape during travel.”

3. Layer Items Intelligently:

Channel your inner Tetris skills when organizing your carry-on. Place bulky items like shoes and toiletries at the bottom, followed by neatly folded clothes arranged vertically. By distributing weight evenly, you’ll prevent clothes from wrinkling and maximize space utilization.

4. Utilize Vacuum-Sealed Bags:

Don’t let bulky items like jackets and sweaters take up precious space. Experts suggest using vacuum-sealed bags to compress them into flat packages. Harvey notes that while these bags are typically used for storage, they can be a game-changer for carry-on packing, allowing you to squeeze in more items.

5. Invest in Accessory Organizers:

To keep your jewelry and electronics organized and tangle-free during travel, consider investing in designated accessory organizers. By keeping chains, wires, and small items separate and within easy reach, you’ll save time and prevent frustration when searching for specific pieces.

Alternative Summer Travel Options:

While packing light is a great way to save money, some travelers may prefer to adjust their travel plans to fit their budget. According to a recent LA News Center poll, over 50% of Americans are altering their summer travel arrangements or opting to stay home due to rising costs. For those looking to explore alternative options, consider driving instead of flying – a choice that can significantly reduce expenses.


Packing smart this summer means saying goodbye to hefty baggage fees and embracing the freedom of carry-on travel. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time adventurer, these expert tips will empower you to pack efficiently, maximize space, and enjoy stress-free travel experiences. Embrace the adventure, pack wisely, and let the summer sun guide your unforgettable journeys.

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