Royalty on the Road: Doggie Extravagance In Italy


Italian Excursion: A Dog’s Regal Journey with Its Loving Owner

Catherine Sophie, an adventurous 23-year-old from Glasgow, Scotland, recently embarked on an enchanting month-long vacation with an unconventional companion: Teddy, her beloved three-year-old Maltese dog.

Bon Voyage, Teddy!

As an actress who often travels for work, Sophie frequently takes Teddy along for the ride. This time, however, they decided to set off on a leisurely adventure to explore the vibrant streets of Italy.

With a shared desire to create unforgettable memories, Sophie and Teddy set off from Glasgow to Rome in April 2024. After spending approximately 0 on Teddy’s pet fee and vaccinations, Sophie was thrilled to have her companion by her side. They spent the next month meandering through picturesque Italian towns such as Rome, Bari, and Civitavecchia.

Canine Comradery and Cultural Immersion

During their travels, Sophie and Teddy shared dog-friendly Airbnbs and even utilized the same public transportation card. Sophie, who was eager to enhance her Italian language skills, considered this experience as an immersive opportunity. The pair visited the iconic Colosseum, the Vatican City, the beach, and even paid homage to Sophie’s great-grandfather’s war grave.

Adapting to the Journey

While their Italian adventure was an undeniable success, the return journey posed a unique challenge. Dogs are not permitted to travel with passengers in the main cabin on UK flights. To ensure Teddy’s comfort and safety, Sophie opted for a more extended route. They flew from Rome to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Dublin, boarded a bus to Belfast, and finally took a ferry to Scotland. This two-day odyssey cost approximately 0, but Sophie believed it was well worth the investment for her furry companion.

A Bond Unbreakable

Reflecting on their experience, Sophie emphasized the importance of their shared bond. “Teddy is my dog and my responsibility,” she said. She praised his exceptional behavior and adaptability during their journey.

Embracing the Adventure

In total, Sophie spent approximately 0 solely on Teddy’s transportation. Despite the expense, she maintained that their Italian adventure was an unforgettable experience. Sophie wholeheartedly recommends embracing the adventure of traveling with your beloved pets, providing you maintain their comfort and well-being.

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