Underwear Extravaganza: Museum Shatters World Record with Headgear Shenanigans


St. Louis Museum Sets Pants-splitting Guinness World Record

Prepare yourself for a tale that’s both hilarious and heartwarming. The City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri has achieved a new Guinness World Record – and it’s all about a wardrobe malfunction of sorts.

314 Underpants in a Crowd

To celebrate the city’s beloved area code, 314, the museum rallied 355 brave souls to don their finest undergarments – not beneath their clothes, mind you – but smack dab on their heads. This unbelievable sight unfolded on March 14th, all for a record-breaking moment.

Underwear as Icon and Inspiration

The museum’s unique connection with underpants runs deep. Its famous giant pair, with a waistband stretching an impressive 16 feet, has been a beloved landmark since 1996. It’s where the inspiration for this record-breaking stunt was born.

Exploration at Its Underwear-clad Best

The City Museum is all about encouraging visitors to explore, crawl, and simply get lost in the adventure. This underwear-on-head feat perfectly embodies that spirit. As Katy Enrique, the museum’s director of sales and marketing, quipped, “We take great joy in that achievement and proudly display the 355 pairs of underwear right next to the giant underwear that sparked the idea.”

Heart and Sole of the Community

Beyond its record-breaking antics, the City Museum holds a special place in St. Louis’ heart. Housed in a former shoe factory, it offers a vibrant tapestry of indoor, outdoor, and underground playgrounds. The museum actively engages with the community through events like City Nights, the International Craft Beer Festival, and Fright at the Museum.

Honoring Heroes

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, the City Museum extends a heartfelt gesture. From May 24th to 27th, all active and retired military members will receive free admission to say “THANK YOU” for their unwavering service.

Join the Adventure!

The City Museum is an eclectic blend of art, creativity, and community spirit. If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable adventure, this St. Louis landmark is the place to be. Dive into the fun and discover why it’s a beloved destination for both locals and visitors alike.

Data sourced from: foxnews.com