“71-Year-Old Serial Bank Robber Arrested: Shocking Details of His Latest Heist Revealed”


71-Year-Old Serial Bank Robber Arrested After Stealing ,000 in Los Angeles County

A notorious 71-year-old bank robber with four prior convictions has been apprehended after his most recent heist in Los Angeles County last month, where he made off with over ,000, authorities announced on Tuesday.

The Heist

On December 21st, Bruce Edward Bell targeted a bank located in the 8000 block of Vineland Avenue in Sun Valley. The Los Angeles Police Department stated that during the incident, Bell entered the bank, seized an employee, and brandished a firearm. He then forced the employee to accompany him to an access-restricted door, threatening to shoot if they didn’t comply.

Once inside the secure area, Bell ordered another employee to fill a bag with cash. With ,000 in hand, he swiftly fled the scene in a silver 2002 Volvo sedan.

The Capture

Witnesses who observed Bell escaping immediately dialed 911. Police officers from LAPD’s Foothill Division quickly responded and initiated a high-risk traffic stop upon spotting Bell’s vehicle. The arrest led to the recovery of the stolen cash and a black replica firearm.

Prior Convictions

Bruce Edward Bell has an extensive criminal history, with four previous convictions for bank robbery. In addition, he has spent over four decades in the Federal Department of Corrections. Despite his age, Bell continues to engage in criminal activities.

Seeking Victims and Information

The LAPD is urging anyone who believes they may have been a victim of Bruce Edward Bell or who possesses information related to this incident to come forward. LAPD Detectives Mrakich and Delph can be contacted at 213-486-6840. Alternatively, individuals can provide anonymous tips through L.A. Regional Crime Stoppers at 800-222-8477 or online at L.A. Crime Stoppers.


The arrest of Bruce Edward Bell, a 71-year-old serial bank robber, marks a significant victory for law enforcement in Los Angeles County. Despite his extensive criminal history and time spent in federal custody, Bell managed to continue his criminal activities. However, thanks to the quick response of witnesses and the diligent work of LAPD officers, Bell’s latest heist was swiftly brought to an end. The recovery of the stolen cash and the replica firearm ensures that justice will be served, and the community can feel safer knowing that this repeat offender is off the streets.