April Showers Turn to Winter Gloom in Southern California


A cold storm hits Southern California, bringing rain and cold temperatures.

Prepare for a Rainy Friday

Southern California is experiencing a cold storm that will linger on into Friday, bringing with it a dismal day filled with light but persistent rain. The National Weather Service (NWS) predicts temperatures will dip, with rainfall reaching less than half an inch in most lowland areas throughout the day.

Although there’s a moderate (20-30%) chance of thunderstorms, these are more likely to produce a brief burst of heavier rain rather than prolonged downpours.

Winter in April

LA News Center’s Henry DiCarlo describes Friday’s weather as being reminiscent of a winter day. “It’s just like December, right? This is April,” he observed. “We get rain in April, yes, showers. But not like this — more like December storms.”

The rain is likely to fall as scattered showers, with predominantly overcast skies throughout the day. The sporadic nature of the rain makes predicting rainfall totals challenging, but they are anticipated to be relatively modest. The NWS estimates that the rain will clear out by the evening hours.

Temperatures and Outlook

Friday’s high temperatures are expected to mimic Thursday’s, reaching lows in the 60s across Southern California. While the rain provides some reprieve from the recent warmth, it also brings with it a chilly and dreary atmosphere.

As the storm passes through, residents are advised to remain mindful of slick roads and slippery sidewalks. Keeping an umbrella or raincoat handy is essential for staying dry during the intermittent showers. By nightfall, the rain is expected to subside, leaving skies partly cloudy but still cool.