Armored Car Heist Lookout Convicted, but All Bandits Still Not Caught


**Chesapeake Bandits Lookout Sentenced to 14 Years for Armored Car Robbery**

James Russell Davis, 35, of Los Angeles, has been sentenced to nearly 14 years in federal prison for his role as a lookout for the notorious “Chesapeake Bandits,” a group responsible for a brazen armored car robbery in 2022.

The Gang’s Dastardly Plan

According to the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), Davis admitted to scouting out a Hawthorne credit union with a co-conspirator and devising a meticulous plan to ambush an armored vehicle driver while servicing an ATM.

On the day of the robbery, February 14, 2022, Davis and his accomplices returned to the site, armed and dangerous. Davis acted as the lookout while two masked men emerged from their vehicle, one wielding an assault rifle, the other a semi-automatic handgun.

**A Violent Assault and a Shot Fired**

The gunmen approached the driver, wrestled him to the ground, stole his service pistol, and held him at gunpoint during the robbery. Amid the chaos, a shot rang out from a handgun, possibly fired by Davis, although no one was injured.

Armored car robbery suspects wanted by FBI
Suspects dubbed the “Chesapeake Bandits” by the FBI are believed to be responsible for multiple armored car robberies between Feb. 2022 and Feb. 2023. (FBI)

**A Lucrative Heist**

The robbers fled with a substantial amount of cash and customer checks stolen from the ATMs and bags nearby. The total loss to the armored car company exceeded 6,000.

Davis’s Arrest and Plea

Davis was eventually arrested in March 2023 and has remained in federal custody since. He pleaded guilty to charges of interference with commerce by robbery and discharging a firearm during a violent crime.

“Imagine the terror of being pulled to the ground with a gun pointed at your head,” said Krysti Hawkins, acting assistant director in charge of the FBI Field Office in Los Angeles. “Davis and his accomplices violently ambushed an individual just doing his job so they could make off with other people’s money.”

Significant Sentence and FBI’s Deterrence Mission

Hawkins emphasized that the “significant sentence” Davis received cannot compensate for the “emotional and psychological damage inflicted on the victim,” but the FBI is sending a clear message to those who commit violent crimes.

The DOJ has also charged Deneyvous Jayan Hobson, 38, as the lead defendant in the case, also identified as a member of the Chesapeake Bandits. Davis and Hobson are both from the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles and are reportedly half-brothers.

The LA News Center previously reported that the group was responsible for several других бронированных транспортных средств ограбления in Los Angeles County.

Authorities initially believed there were additional members in the group, but the DOJ confirmed that no other defendants are currently facing federal charges.

The sentencing of James Russell Davis serves as a reminder of the boldness and ruthlessness of criminal gangs operating in the country and the unwavering commitment of law enforcement agencies to bring them to justice.