Baby Gate Hero: Cat’s Unlikely Savior from Coyote’s Jaws


**Unlikely Savior: Baby Gate Thwarts Coyote’s Attempt on Feline Life**

Coyote attack

**Narrow Escape in Mission Viejo**

In a remarkable turn of events, a baby gate became an unsung hero, protecting a pet cat from a determined coyote in Mission Viejo, California. Cindy Stalnaker was watching TV with her husband when they heard a deafening bang outside. Upon investigating, they discovered muddy paw prints leading to their open front door.

**Shocking Footage Captures Close Encounter**

Stalnaker’s security camera captured the heart-stopping moment on video. It shows a coyote cautiously approaching the front yard, its eyes fixed on a feline companion sitting behind the baby gate. With lightning speed, the predator lunged at the cat, slamming its head twice against the gate.

Despite its repeated attempts, the coyote was unable to break through the barrier. As the terrified feline retreated, the coyote lingered briefly before realizing its prey was out of reach, eventually wandering away to search for easier targets.

**Coyote Sightings Prompt Caution**

Stalnaker and her husband were shaken by the incident. “We were stunned by how aggressively it attacked,” she said. “We’re grateful the coyote didn’t try to jump over the gate.” The encounter highlights the growing concerns about coyote sightings in Southern California communities.

In Los Angeles’ Mar Vista neighborhood, residents have voiced alarm over a pack of coyotes exhibiting aggressive behavior. One disturbing incident involved coyotes stalking a man walking his dog, while another saw an elderly dog attacked in its own backyard.

**Heightened Security Measures**

In response to the increased coyote activity, Stalnaker and her husband plan to install a security door to deter coyotes while allowing airflow.

**Important Reminders for Pet Owners**

Coyote encounters are becoming more prevalent, especially during summer months. Pet owners are advised to take precautions to protect their furry friends:

  • Keep cats indoors, especially at night.
  • Don’t leave food or water outdoors that can attract coyotes.
  • Trim vegetation and remove hiding places.
  • Supervise pets when they’re outside.
  • Carry pepper spray or an air horn for self-defense.

If you encounter a coyote, remain calm and avoid making eye contact. Slowly back away and make yourself appear as large as possible. If a coyote approaches, shout, clap, or use pepper spray to deter it.

Remember, coyotes are wild animals that should be respected. Simple precautions can help mitigate the risk of encounters and ensure the safety of our beloved pets.