Billionaire’s Mysterious Moves: Is Rick Caruso Plotting His Political Comeback?


Rick Caruso: A Politician in the Making?

Despite his defeat to Karen Bass in the 2022 Los Angeles mayoral election, billionaire developer Rick Caruso’s political ambitions may not be over.

Is Caruso’s Comeback on the Horizon?

Despite his vow to step away from mayoral campaigns, insiders suggest Caruso’s recent actions hint at a future run for office, either mayoral or gubernatorial. His public discussions on issues affecting Los Angeles, such as traffic congestion, homelessness, and the iconic yet blighted Oceanwide Towers, have sparked speculation.

“These towers are a stark symbol of the struggles in our downtown,” lamented Caruso on the former Twitter platform.

The Road Ahead

While Caruso has remained mum on his plans, political experts believe he’s positioning himself for a potential comeback in the 2026 mayoral or gubernatorial race.

“In the meantime, he’s pushing for a series of improvements,” said a source close to Caruso’s strategy. “He hasn’t ruled out a run for either mayor or governor.”

Caruso’s Political Trajectory

Caruso’s mayoral campaign was marked by a massive investment of personal wealth, amassing over 0 million in donations. However, his loss to Bass highlighted the city’s growing dissatisfaction with wealthy candidates.

Despite the setback, Caruso’s willingness to engage with political issues suggests his interest in public service has not waned. Whether he decides to seek office again remains uncertain, but his recent actions have revived speculations about his political aspirations.