Body Cam Catches Violent Hospital Takedown of Suspected DUI Driver


Disturbing Incident Caught on Camera

LA News Center obtained shocking body camera footage released by the Los Angeles Police Department, capturing a violent confrontation between its officers and Brian Goldberg, a suspect apprehended following a DUI-related crash. The incident occurred at a downtown Los Angeles hospital, where Goldberg was taken for treatment.

Goldberg, who suffered minor injuries during the crash, became combative as authorities attempted to escort him through the hospital.

Resistance Leads to Melee

Video footage released online reveals Goldberg’s erratic behavior. He writhes on the gurney, frantically screaming for help. As officers and LA Fire Department personnel attempt to restrain him, the situation escalates. Goldberg kicks and struggles, prompting a forceful response from law enforcement.

No Citizen Casualties

Fortunately, no bystanders or community members were harmed during the altercation. The LAPD news release stated that the incident remains under investigation.

The Preceding Crash

Goldberg’s arrest stemmed from a suspected felony DUI involving a traffic collision near North Alameda Street and the 101 Freeway. However, LA News Center has yet to obtain detailed information regarding the accident itself.

A Reminder of Danger

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with driving under the influence. Goldberg’s actions not only endangered himself but also put the lives of others at risk. The LA Police Department emphasizes the importance of responsible driving and encourages all drivers to prioritize safety on the road.

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