Burglars Flee After Homeowners Return, Leaving Family Terrified


Intruders Caught on Camera Flee Lawndale Home After Alerted by Residents

Last week, Lawndale experienced a nerve-wracking incident involving two intruders who broke into a home, only to be scared away by the unexpected presence of its occupants.

One of two intruders is seen in a Lawndale home
One of two intruders is seen in a Lawndale home on June 3, 2024. (Viewer image)

Shocking Footage Captures Intruders’ Escape

The break-in occurred on June 3 around 1 p.m., as captured by the homeowners’ security camera. The footage shows one of the suspects smashing a window, allowing his accomplice to enter through the main door.

Upon noticing a camera, the intruder initially seemed unconcerned. However, the commotion upstairs, where family members and a baby were present, sent shivers down their spines.

The sudden sound startled the intruders, prompting them to flee the house in a white van. They left empty-handed.

Unnerving Trend in Neighborhood

On the same day, another resident in the neighborhood reported a burglary. The victim, a homeowner, shared that his home was ransacked, and his rent money and wife’s tips were stolen.

Frightened by the incident, the homeowner admitted that he and his wife are now afraid to remain in the neighborhood.

“My wife couldn’t even handle the thought of staying home. She didn’t want to live here anymore because she’s terrified to go to sleep, as you never know when they might strike again,” he said.

Safety Concerns Linger

It’s unclear whether these two homes were the only targets of the burglars that day. LA News Center urges anyone with information regarding these incidents to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Residents are understandably concerned about their safety and are advised to take precautions to protect their homes and belongings. Installing security systems, keeping valuables out of sight, and being vigilant can deter potential intruders.

LA News Center remains committed to keeping the community informed and providing updates on this ongoing situation.

Data sourced from: ktla.com