Car Brands that Attract Fast Drivers: Which Ones Top the List?


Speed Demons Unmasked: Which Cars Are Most Likely to Get Caught Speeding?

In a world where speed thrills, it’s no surprise that not all cars are created equal when it comes to breaking the speed limit. LA News Center unveils the results of a study by Insurify, an auto insurance comparison site, which has analyzed over 4.6 million car insurance applications to reveal the brands that are most often associated with speeding tickets.

Foreign Brands Dominate the List of Speeding Hotshots

Leading the pack with a staggering 8.7% of drivers reporting speeding tickets is none other than Infiniti. This luxury automaker’s drivers evidently crave that extra adrenaline rush. Notably, drivers of the now-discontinued Infiniti G37 models take the cake with an even higher 10.7% ticketing rate.

Scion, Volkswagen, and Subaru Also Join the Speeding Brigade

Foreign brands continue to make a strong showing in the top 10 list. Scion, Volkswagen, and Subaru all hover around the 8% mark, significantly higher than the national average of 7.1%. It seems that the thrill of driving these cars is hard to resist, leading to more than a few heavy fines.

Electric BMW i3 Shoots to the Top of Speeding Spectrum

Surprisingly, it’s not just gas-guzzling speedsters that are breaking the speed limit. The electric BMW i3 tops the list of the 10 most-ticketed car models, with an astonishing 17.6% of its drivers having citations on their record. Perhaps the instant torque and acceleration that come with electric power are just too tempting to control.

Volvo, Tesla, and Cadillac: The Speeding Slowpokes

At the opposite end of the spectrum, drivers of Volvo, Tesla, and Cadillac are the least likely to speed. With Volvo boasting a mere 2.7% of speeding tickets and Tesla and Cadillac hovering around the 5% mark, it’s clear that these brands prioritize safety and responsible driving.

Key Takeaways:

  • Infiniti drivers have a reputation for leading the speeding pack, with the discontinued G37 model being the most notorious.
  • Foreign brands dominate the list of most-ticketed cars, with Scion, Volkswagen, and Subaru joining the speeding bandwagon.
  • Electric vehicles are not immune to speeding, as the BMW i3 proves with its surprisingly high proportion of ticketed drivers.
  • Volvo, Tesla, and Cadillac earn praise for their low speeding rates, demonstrating their focus on safety and responsible driving.

Costly Consequences of Speeding

While the thrill of speed may be exhilarating, it comes with serious consequences. Insurify reports that the average monthly cost of insurance for a driver with a speeding ticket is 3. However, this cost can vary significantly based on individual driving histories.

Speeding Remains a Major Safety Concern

Beyond the financial penalties, speeding remains a major threat to road safety. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding was a contributing factor in 29% of traffic fatalities in 2020. It’s crucial for drivers to prioritize safety and respect the speed limits to protect themselves and others on the road.

Where Does Your Car Rank?

Curious if your car has a reputation for speeding? LA News Center invites you to explore their interactive tool below to find out.

[Interactive tool to search car brand and percentage of drivers with speeding tickets]

Remember, while speeding may seem thrilling, it’s essential to practice responsible driving and adhere to speed limits. The safety of ourselves and others on the road depends on it.

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