Club Pixar: Childhood Dream or Adult Disappointment?


Club Pixar Gets a Refresh: New Focus on Family Fun and Engagement

Pixar Fest Takes a New Turn at Disneyland

LA News Center recently reported a significant change to Disneyland’s Club Pixar, initially introduced as a nighttime dance party. Responding to feedback and operational considerations, the park has revamped the attraction, leaving behind the DJ and dancers.

Despite this shift, Club Pixar continues to offer an array of Pixar-themed experiences from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily. Kids and families can enjoy engaging games, capture memorable photos, and immerse themselves in the beloved Pixar universe.

Keeping the Pixar Spirit Alive

Disneyland Resort remains dedicated to the Pixar Fest celebration, offering a plethora of Pixar-inspired activities in addition to Club Pixar. Guests can explore interactive games, meet and greet favorite characters, savor delicious Pixar-themed treats, and more.

The Future of Club Pixar

While Disneyland has yet to announce a replacement for the dance party aspect of Club Pixar, the resort assures guests that the spirit of the event will continue to live on throughout the duration of Pixar Fest.

Enhanced Focus on Family Entertainment

The revamp of Club Pixar reflects Disneyland’s commitment to providing memorable and age-appropriate experiences for all guests. The decision to remove the dance party element emphasizes the park’s mission to cater to families and ensure every visitor finds something to enjoy.

A Farewell to Club Pixar’s Dance Scene

While some may miss the dance parties that once illuminated Club Pixar, the changes made serve to enhance the overall experience for families with young children. The new games, photo opportunities, and other activities offer an array of ways for guests to bond, create memories, and celebrate the joy of Pixar together.

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