D Line Extension: Tunneling Triumph Unveiled!


The groundbreaking project that will extend LA’s D Line (Purple Line) is one step closer to completion, with the triumphant announcement of completed tunneling for all three sections of the ambitious extension.

Celebrating Construction Progress

Mayor Karen Bass and city officials gathered at the future Wilshire/Fairfax station to commemorate this significant milestone. The occasion celebrated the tireless efforts of construction workers who delved into the earth to construct nine miles of parallel tunnels, 70 feet underground, navigating challenging geological conditions that included tar sands and methane gas.

“This is a remarkable achievement that brings us closer to our goal of creating a world-class transportation system in Los Angeles,” Mayor Bass proclaimed. “We applaud the dedication and skill of those who made this milestone possible.”

The D Line Expansion: A Step-by-Step Guide

The D Line extension will connect Downtown LA to the Westside, adding seven new stations. The project is divided into three phases:

Phase 1 (2025): Wilshire/Western to Wilshire/La Cienega
Phase 2 (2026): Wilshire/La Cienega to Century City/Constellation
Phase 3 (2027): Century City to Westwood/VA Hospital

The final phase is scheduled to be completed ahead of the 2028 Olympic Games, ensuring seamless transportation during the event.

The Benefits of Expansion

The D Line expansion will:

  • Improve access to employment, education, and recreation opportunities
  • Reduce traffic congestion and emissions
  • Promote a more sustainable transportation system
  • Foster economic growth and development along the line

With the completion of tunneling, the project moves into the critical phase of rail installation, station construction, and other infrastructure essential for the line’s operation.

Stay Informed and Get Involved

To stay updated on the project’s progress and learn how to participate in its development, visit the official Metro website. Together, let’s embrace this transformative project that will shape the future of transportation in Los Angeles.

Data sourced from: ktla.com