Deadly Hit-and-Run Suspect Hides in the Shadows: Who Knows Their Secret?


Tragic Hit-and-Run Tragedy: Santa Ana Mourns the Loss of Joshua Cervantes

Unveiling the Heartbreaking Story

The Santa Ana community is reeling from the devastating loss of 21-year-old Joshua Cervantes, a vibrant young man whose life was tragically cut short by a heartless hit-and-run driver. On April 2, 2023, the nightmare unfolded near Ross Street and St. Gertrude Place, as Joshua and his friends stood near their parked car.

A Moment of Grace Turns to Terror

In a cruel twist of fate, as Joshua momentarily crouched down, he became an unwitting target alongside one of his companions. A speeding SUV, barreling down on them, struck both pedestrians with unforgiving force. The driver, devoid of humanity, fled the scene, leaving behind a trail of shattered dreams and broken lives.

A Community in Grief

As first responders rushed to the scene, they found Joshua lying lifeless on the asphalt. Despite valiant attempts to revive him, the young man succumbed to his severe injuries. The surviving victim was rushed to a local hospital, where they endured several days of hospitalization.

A Shameful Act of Cowardice

The suspect, who remains at large, has left the community grappling with righteous anger and profound sadness. Their reckless and cowardly actions have not only claimed a precious life but have also shattered a family and left an irreparable void in their hearts. The Santa Ana Police Department is actively seeking any information that could lead to the apprehension of this heartless individual.

Support for a Grieving Family

As Joshua’s loved ones struggle to come to terms with their immeasurable loss, the community has rallied around them, offering prayers, support, and financial assistance. A GoFundMe page has been created to alleviate some of the burden they now bear:

A Call for Justice

The Santa Ana Police Department urges anyone with information about this tragic incident to contact them at (714) 245-8665. Together, we can hold the responsible party accountable for their heinous actions and bring a semblance of closure to Joshua’s shattered family.

Remember Joshua Cervantes, a young life extinguished by a heartless act of negligence. Let us honor his memory by demanding justice and by supporting those he has left behind. Let us work together to ensure that such a tragedy never befalls our community again.

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