Disneyland to Disney World Nonstop Flights Resume


Embark on a Whimsical Journey between Disneylands with Breeze Airways

Prepare to soar through the summer skies as Breeze Airways proudly relaunches its highly anticipated non-stop flights from John Wayne Airport in Orange County to Orlando International Airport. This enchanting route invites Disney enthusiasts to embark on a seamless pilgrimage between the beloved Disneyland and its enchanting counterpart, Walt Disney World in Florida.

From Tuesday to Saturday, the fleet of Breeze Airways jets will whisk travelers effortlessly between these magical destinations. A one-way ticket will set you back a mere , making the cross-country adventure accessible to all.

A Path between Dreams

As the “Disney to Disney” route so aptly suggests, this flight transcends mere transportation, becoming a gateway to unforgettable memories. Disneyland in Anaheim, California, is currently celebrating Pixar Fest, a vibrant extravaganza filled with beloved characters, captivating performances, and enchanting Pixar-themed experiences.

Upon arrival at Orlando International Airport, Walt Disney World awaits with open arms, offering its own enchanting attractions. Brace yourself for the grand opening of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure on June 28th, where you can embark on a whimsical boat ride alongside Princess Tiana and her spirited friends.

Beyond the Magic Kingdom

For those seeking adventures beyond the realms of Disney, Breeze Airways also offers non-stop flights from John Wayne Airport to Tampa, Florida. This route operates twice weekly, on Mondays and Fridays, throughout the summer season.

Whether your destination is the bustling streets of Orlando or the pristine beaches of Tampa, Breeze Airways provides an affordable and convenient option for exploring the Sunshine State.

Discover Breeze’s Unique Appeal

Breeze Airways prides itself on being a “nice low-cost carrier,” offering a refreshing twist on the traditional budget airline experience. With three distinct fare classes, travelers can customize their flight to meet both their needs and their budget.

Higher-tier fares include seat assignments and complimentary checked luggage, giving you the peace of mind to relax and savor the journey. Breeze’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the skies, with a focus on providing friendly and efficient service.

As Breeze Airways expands its operations, connecting key destinations across the nation, its dedication to customer satisfaction and innovative approach to the flying experience remains steadfast. Embrace the magic and discover the unique allure of Breeze Airways, the carrier that makes every journey an adventure.