Disneyland’s Hidden Secret: Abusing Disability Access for Shorter Lines Uncovered


Attention, theme park enthusiasts! Disneyland and Walt Disney World are implementing significant changes to their Disability Access Service (DAS) program. These modifications aim to preserve the program’s integrity and ensure its availability to guests who genuinely require its assistance.

No More Unlimited DAS Pre-Arrival Attractions

Starting June 18 at Disneyland and May 20 at Walt Disney World, DAS guests will no longer have the option of selecting attractions in advance through DAS Advance. This feature was previously a default offering, but its misuse has resulted in extended wait times for guests with legitimate disabilities.

Max Four Guests in DAS Parties

To prevent large groups from exploiting the program, non-family DAS parties will now be limited to a maximum of four members. This move aims to reduce line-skipping by those not in genuine need.

Expanded DAS Eligibility Duration

Guests who require DAS may now apply for the service up to 120 days before their visit, extending the previous eligibility window of 60 days. This change provides more flexibility for those with long-term planning needs.

Re-registration Required

All current DAS guests are required to re-apply for the service to accommodate the new guidelines. This step ensures that all participants meet the updated eligibility criteria.

Changes for Guests Visiting Between April 9 and June 17

Disneyland has outlined specific arrangements for guests using DAS during the transition period from April 9 to June 17:

  • Pre-arrival phone conversations to determine eligibility will be available 2 to 30 days before the visit.
  • In-person eligibility evaluations will be conducted at Guest Relations locations.
  • Guests may reserve up to two one-hour return windows for select experiences using DAS Advance planning.

Understanding the Importance of DAS

The DAS program is crucial for guests with developmental disabilities, such as autism, who face challenges waiting in conventional queues for prolonged periods. By addressing inappropriate use, Disney aims to ensure its accessibility to those who truly need it.

Combating Misuse

The increase in DAS usage over the past five years has been attributed to social media videos promoting “Disneyland line hacks.” These methods have allowed individuals to bypass lines without purchasing the Genie+ service.

Disney reminds all guests of the intended purpose of DAS: to provide assistance to visitors with disabilities who may otherwise be unable to experience the joy of the theme parks.

Maintaining Accessibility

Disney remains committed to providing an inclusive environment for all guests. These changes strike a balance between accommodating those with genuine needs while deterring misuse that hinders the enjoyment of the parks.

So, theme park adventurers, let’s be respectful of the DAS program and preserve the magical experience for those who rely on it.