E-Bike Havoc in South Bay: New Ordinance Cracks Down on Reckless Riders


**Hermosa Beach Cracks Down on Off-Road E-bike Anarchy**

Taming the E-bike Wild West

Hermosa Beach, known for its iconic pier and lively beach scene, has witnessed a surge in reckless and disruptive off-road E-bike riding. To address growing concerns from residents, the city council recently enacted an emergency ordinance to rein in these unruly riders.

From Fun to Hazard

Off-road E-bikes, once a source of entertainment, have become a nuisance in Hermosa Beach. South Bay residents have repeatedly expressed alarm over packs of teenagers recklessly zooming through city streets, disregarding traffic rules and endangering both themselves and others. “They go at breakneck speeds and travel in big bands,” said Greg, a concerned resident. “It’s like a pack of kids who don’t follow the rules.”

Safety First: New Regulations

The new ordinance includes strict operational regulations to promote safety on local roads. Helmets are now mandatory for all riders under 18, and every passenger must have their own seat. Violations could result in hefty fines ranging from 0 to ,000.

Crackdown on Reckless Behavior

In addition to individual riders, the ordinance also targets the irresponsible rental of E-bikes within city limits. Rental companies must ensure that all riders comply with the safety regulations. However, enforcement efforts extend beyond citations. Officials have warned that police will also impound off-road E-bikes ridden illegally on Hermosa Beach streets.

Parents: Educate and Enforce

Hermosa Beach officials urge parents to take responsibility for their children’s E-bike use. The police department advises parents considering an E-bike purchase to visit the local police station for guidance. “We encourage parents to speak with our traffic officers about where these E-bikes can be used,” said HBPD. “Riding them on Hermosa’s roads is a costly mistake.”

Public Safety Paramount

The new ordinance went into effect immediately upon its passage, sending a clear message: Hermosa Beach will not tolerate reckless and unsafe E-bike behavior. The city aims to restore order and safety to its streets, ensuring that everyone, from residents to beachgoers, can enjoy the community without fear.

Data sourced from: ktla.com