Electric Bike Scam: Counterfeit Cash Con Artist Targets Online Sellers


Huntington Beach Thief Dupes Victims with Counterfeit Cash for Electric Bikes

In the heart of Southern California’s bustling coastal city of Huntington Beach, a cunning thief has targeted unsuspecting victims selling electric bikes online. Using a crafty scheme involving counterfeit cash made specifically for the motion picture industry, the culprit has swindled individuals out of thousands of dollars.

**The Cunning Scheme**

The modus operandi of this deceptive thief is to approach victims on Facebook Marketplace or other online platforms to express interest in purchasing their e-bikes. After gaining the victims’ trust through friendly conversations, the perpetrator arranges to meet in person to examine the bikes. During these encounters, the thief presents forged bills that appear genuine but lack the security features found on authentic currency.

**Daniel’s Encounter**

One such victim, a Huntington Beach resident known as Daniel, had his trust exploited by the thieving con artist. Daniel had listed his Talaria Sting MX4 e-bike for sale online. The perpetrator, posing as a potential buyer, contacted Daniel and seemed genuinely interested. After exchanging messages and a phone call, Daniel agreed to a meeting at his garage to showcase the bike.

“He was charming and came across as trustworthy,” Daniel recounted. “He had clearly been trained well to fool potential victims.”

Upon examining the bike, Daniel and the suspect agreed on a price of ,200. The thief produced a stack of bills that appeared to match the amount, but Daniel later discovered they were indeed counterfeit. The culprit quickly departed with the stolen e-bike, leaving Daniel devastated.

**A Cry for Justice**

Daniel’s plea to the suspect is resolute: “Give up while you can, the net is closing in.”

Huntington Beach Police are actively investigating the incident and urge anyone with information to come forward. Together, the community can combat this deceptive scheme and bring the perpetrator to justice. The Huntington Beach Police Department encourages victims or individuals with knowledge of similar incidents to contact them immediately.

**Tips for Avoiding Scams**

To prevent falling prey to such scams, it’s crucial to exercise caution when conducting online transactions. Here are a few tips for protecting yourself:

  • Verify buyers: Request proof of identity or references before meeting in person.
  • Examine cash carefully: Check for security features like watermarks and raised printing.
  • Meet in public places: Arrange to meet in a well-lit and populated area for safety.
  • Stay aware of suspicious behavior: Be wary of individuals who seem overly eager or pushy.
  • Report scams: Don’t hesitate to report any suspicious or fraudulent activity to the authorities.

Together, we can combat these deceptive tactics and create a safer community for online transactions. If you have any information related to this theft or similar incidents, please contact the Huntington Beach Police Department immediately. Your assistance is invaluable in bringing these criminals to justice.

Data sourced from: ktla.com