Flights Away: Superbloom Staged for Takeoff at LAX


Nestled amidst a concrete jungle, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has sprung to life with a breathtaking display of wildflowers. This year’s unusually heavy rainfall has painted the landscape at LAX in radiant hues of orange.

As aircraft take off and land, passengers are greeted by a surreal spectacle of a vibrant orange carpet unfurling beneath them. The flowers, in their abundance, create a mesmerizing backdrop for the bustling airport scene. It’s a symphony of colors that transforms LAX into an unexpected urban oasis.

Witnessing the Beauty

To fully appreciate the floral extravaganza, the best vantage points are during takeoff or landing, when the eyes are level with the carpet of flowers. But even beyond these fleeting moments, visitors to LAX can enjoy the hidden beauty that has blossomed around the airport.

Other Stunning Superbloom Destinations

While LAX may steal the spotlight, it’s just one of many captivating superbloom destinations in California this spring. Here’s a list of hidden gems waiting to enchant your senses:

  • Habitat Gardens at Elizabeth Learning Center, Los Angeles: A riot of native wildflowers, painted with a vivid spectrum of hues.
  • Crafton Hills Ridge Trail, Yucaipa: A picturesque hike rewarded by breathtaking wildflower displays.
  • Environmental Nature Center, Newport Beach: A coastal haven showcasing wildflowers in all their coastal charm.
LAX Superbloom
A superbloom of orange flowers is visible from airplanes at LAX in light of massive rain totals in Los Angeles this spring. (Barbara Shigekuni)

As the sun kisses the horizon, the superbloom at LAX reaches its zenith. The orange flowers dance in the fading light, creating a magical atmosphere that paints the airport in a new, unforgettable light. So, the next time you’re flying in or out of LAX, take a moment to pause and appreciate the unexpected beauty that awaits you beneath your aircraft. It’s a transient masterpiece of nature, a reminder that beauty can bloom even in the most unlikely of places.

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