Glendale Officer Charged with Assault for Alleged Kick to Minor’s Head


Glendale Cop Faces Assault Charges for Kicking Minor in Custody

Outrageous Act Caught on Camera

In a shocking incident that has sparked outrage, a Glendale Police Department officer, Gonzalo Zendejas, 39, has been charged with assault for allegedly kicking a minor in the head while taking him into custody for suspected shoplifting in June 2021.

The Unlawful Apprehension

On June 5, 2021, Zendejas and three other officers responded to a reported theft at the Glendale Galleria. Social media footage captured the disturbing scene, showing four officers restraining an alleged thief and striking him with punches and kicks, including Zendejas’s brutal kick to the head.

District Attorney’s Strong Condemnation

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón has strongly condemned the officer’s actions, stating, “This incident is a serious violation of the duty to serve with integrity and respect. … Our office’s commitment is to ensure that justice is served, and all individuals, regardless of their role or position, are held accountable for their actions.”

Maximum Consequences

Zendejas faces a maximum sentence of three years in county jail if convicted. The Glendale Police Department has placed all four officers involved on administrative leave pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.

Community Outcry and Demand for Justice

The incident has sparked widespread community outrage and calls for accountability. Many are questioning the excessive force used by the officers and the need for police reform to prevent such abuses of power.

Ongoing Investigation

The Glendale Police Department’s internal investigation remains ongoing. The department emphasizes that the officers’ administrative leave is a result of the criminal inquiry and not a judgment on their conduct.

Commitment to Fairness and Justice

LA News Center will continue to monitor this developing story and provide updates as they become available. We believe in due process and the rule of law but also demand transparency and accountability from those sworn to protect and serve our communities.

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