Hollywood Businesses Fight Back Against Homeless Encampments with Planters


Hollywood Businesses Take Matters into Their Own Hands: Installing Planters to Deter Homelessness

Business owners in the iconic Hollywood neighborhood have taken proactive measures to safeguard their establishments against the growing issue of homelessness. Inspired by the escalating concerns and perceived lack of government action, entrepreneurs along Sunset Boulevard have implemented a unique strategy: installing planters on sidewalks.

Planters as a Deterrent

These planters, strategically spaced along the sidewalk, serve as physical barriers to prevent the setup of homeless encampments. The initiative was conceived by Sunset Sound Recording Studio, which had faced inaccessibility to its driveway due to tents obstructing the entrance.

Mixed Reactions

The move has drawn mixed reactions. While some residents commend the business owners’ efforts, others express empathy for the homeless population. The owners of Sunset Sound acknowledge the challenges faced by unhoused individuals but maintain that they cannot allow encampments to hinder their operations.

  • A studio owner: “We recognize the difficulties unhoused people face, but we cannot allow homeless encampments to impact our business.”

Shrinking Access to Sidewalks

One unintended consequence of the planters is the reduction of sidewalk space available for pedestrians. However, business owners claim the planters only occupy equivalent space to the previous tents and are essential for maintaining safe and accessible walkways.

Ongoing Homelessness Crisis

The situation in Hollywood highlights the ongoing homelessness crisis in Los Angeles County. In 2023, an estimated 75,518 unhoused individuals were recorded living on the streets, marking a 14% increase from the previous year. City officials have pledged to address this pressing issue, with Mayor Karen Bass’s Inside Safe initiative aiming to reduce homelessness and provide shelter.

Planters installed on sidewalks in Hollywood to deter homeless encampments
Planters installed on sidewalks in Hollywood to deter homeless encampments. (KTLA)

A Symptom of a Deeper Problem

While the planters may provide a temporary solution for businesses, they underscore the need for comprehensive and compassionate strategies to address homelessness.