Hollywood’s Planters: A Crafty Solution for Homelessness


Planters Prickling the Problem of Homeless Encampments in Hollywood

A Novel Approach to Deter Tent Cities

Hollywood businesses are taking an unconventional approach to combat the proliferation of homeless encampments, employing a barricade of planters brimming with cacti and succulents. These makeshift barriers aim to deter street encampments or at least hinder their expansion.

A Divided Opinion

“It enhances the ambiance and reduces the homeless presence,” said Bensher Leandre, a local resident. “It’s a sensible move,” echoed Pear Parsons.

However, others raise concerns about the planters’ effectiveness and potential negative consequences. Around five planters have already vanished.

The Assistance League’s Perspective

The Assistance League, a nonprofit supporting homeless children, has encountered planter thefts. “We need a more comprehensive approach to address homelessness,” said a spokesperson.

Businesses Take the Initiative

Businesses like Harbor Freight, Sunset Sound, and The Assistance League bear the cost of installing the planters. Their goal is to preserve the cleanliness and aesthetics of their surroundings while discouraging encampments.

A Work in Progress

While it remains to be seen whether this tactic will yield the desired results, some businesses remain optimistic.

Key Features

  • Large planters containing prickly plants like cacti and succulents
  • Deployed along Hollywood and Sunset boulevards
  • Aim to deter or hinder homeless encampments
  • Cost borne by participating businesses
  • Trial period with uncertain effectiveness

    Data sourced from: ktla.com