Iconic L.A. Burro Facing Eviction: A Tale of History and Heartstrings


**The Iconic Olvera Street Burro Faces Eviction**

In the heart of Los Angeles’s historic El Pueblo de Los Ángeles, where the city’s vibrant history unfolds, an iconic figure stands threatened with eviction: the beloved Olvera Street burro. For generations, this life-sized stuffed donkey has been a cherished landmark, posing for countless photos with Angelenos and tourists alike.

A Symbol of Family and Community

La Carreta at Placita Olvera, the small business that owns the burro, has been in the Hernandez family since the late 1960s. Initially, visitors could get their pictures taken with the family’s pet donkey named Cirila. Later, the life-sized stuffed burro took its place as a permanent fixture.

Richard Hernandez, the current operator of La Carreta, was shocked to learn of the eviction notice. “People from all over the world have visited this little stand,” he exclaimed, “Now they want to take it away?”

A Plea for Preservation

Hernandez and countless Angelenos are heartbroken at the prospect of losing the burro. They view it not just as an attraction but as a symbol of their city’s heritage. Hernandez plans to reach out to the L.A. City Council, hoping to rally support for saving the business.

The burro’s fate now rests in the hands of city officials and the voices of those who cherish it. Will the iconic landmark of Olvera Street be preserved for generations to come, or will it be relegated to memory?

The famous burro at La Placita Olvera in the historic El Pueblo de Los Ángeles.
The famous burro at La Placita Olvera.

Preserving the City’s Story

Olvera Street is more than just a tourist destination. It is a living testament to the city’s rich cultural tapestry, where the stories of the past and present intertwine. The burro, with its timeless charm, is a tangible link to Los Angeles’s vibrant history.

By rallying together, Angelenos and visitors alike can ensure that this beloved icon remains a part of the city’s landscape for generations to come.