Introducing Brisket: The Heartwarming Story of a Police Department’s Newest Hero


Meet Brisket: The Newest Member of the Glendale Police Department

The Glendale Police Department has recently welcomed a new addition to their team, one who is dedicated to providing comfort and compassion to those who experience the emotional toll of police work. This new member is none other than Brisket, a lovable Labrador Retriever who will serve as a Facility Dog for the department, thanks to Canine Companions.

Brisket, facility dog with Glendale Police Department
Brisket, facility dog with Glendale Police Department.

What Does a Facility Dog Do?

Facility dogs like Brisket are specially trained to provide a unique service to the community. They offer comfort to victims and witnesses during interviews and court proceedings, assist in grief and loss counseling, and help reduce tension and stress among staff and the community following traumatic events. These dogs also play an active role in engaging with the community by building relationships with children, conducting senior citizen visits and welfare checks, and participating in public events.

Brisket, at just two years old, is described as goofy, smart, affectionate, and abundantly happy. He loves going on walks, playing tug-of-war, taking naps, and cuddling.

Officer Amy Tate of the Glendale Police Department
Officer Amy Tate of the Glendale Police Department

Partnered with Officer Amy Tate

Brisket will be partnered with Glendale Police Services Officer Amy Tate, who will work alongside him to serve the Glendale community.

Officer Tate and Brisket embracing
Officer Tate and Brisket embracing (Image provided by the Glendale Police Department)

Providing Assistance and Support

Canine Companions has been breeding, raising, and training service and facility dogs for nearly 50 years. Their mission is to assist individuals with disabilities or special needs and provide valuable services to the community.

Over 6,700 dogs have been trained and placed with clients through this program, including 339 military veterans and over 2,000 children. The estimated cost to train a dog like Brisket, including all follow-up support, is approximately ,000. However, each facility dog is provided at no cost, thanks to generous donors who support the organization.

Brisket’s training was sponsored by the Los Angeles Chargers and Lazy Dog Restaurants. As a “Charger Pup,” he had the opportunity to attend games and interact with players on the practice field.

A Furry Friend Making a Difference

Brisket’s abilities are truly remarkable. He can pull toy wagons, push drawers closed, and retrieve various items. With 12 specific commands, he can interact with officers, students, and others in a calm and appropriate manner.

The Glendale Police Department is excited to have Brisket on board and is confident that his presence will bring comfort and support to those in need throughout the community.

Brisket playing tug-of-war with GPD Officer Coralles
Brisket playing tug-of-war with GPD Officer Coralles (Glendale Police Department)