**Jealousy and Violence: Couple Accused of Murdering Ex After Kidnapping**


Handcuffed wrists on a brown background

Heartbreaking Loss: Yanelly Vargas’s Tragic End

In a chilling turn of events, the Ventura County District Attorney has charged Jorge Alberto Garfias, 37, and Margarita Jimenez, 33, with the heinous murder and kidnapping of their former lover, Yanelly Vargas. The incident has left a trail of grief and shock in its wake.

Unveiling the Dark Truth: Horrific Events Unfold

On a fateful night in Oxnard, tragedy struck. Vargas, Garfias’s ex-girlfriend, was lured outside a bar by the deceitful couple. As she emerged from the establishment, Jimenez and Garfias allegedly attacked her and forced her into their vehicle.

A glimmer of hope emerged when Vargas managed to escape the clutches of her assailants after approximately 15 minutes. But her respite was short-lived as Jimenez pursued Vargas relentlessly, ultimately shooting her in cold blood.

Horrified witnesses watched the unfolding drama as Jimenez and Garfias fled the scene. Emergency responders found Vargas suffering from a grievous gunshot wound and rushed her to the hospital, but her life tragically succumbed to her injuries.

Chilling Evidence: Surveillance Camera Captures Cold-Hearted Crime

The depravity of the crime was further exposed by a nearby surveillance camera, which captured the entire incident. This damning evidence led to the arrest of Jimenez and Garfias on April 3.

Justice Rests on Accusations: Facing Grave Consequences

The couple has been charged with the gruesome murder and the unimaginable act of kidnapping. The District Attorney has outlined numerous special allegations and enhancements against them, leaving no doubt about the gravity of their charges.

Both suspects are being held without bail, awaiting their arraignment on May 3. The weight of justice looms over them as they prepare to face the consequences of their heinous actions.

Data sourced from: ktla.com