Jennifer Esposito Bets It All on Female-Led Mob Movie: “Fresh Kills”


Jennifer Esposito Breaks Boundaries with “Fresh Kills”: A Gripping Mafia Drama from a Female Perspective

Known for her captivating roles in “Crash” and “Summer of Sam,” Jennifer Esposito has embarked on a bold journey, taking the reins as the star, director, and writer of her latest film, “Fresh Kills.” This highly anticipated project, a decade in the making, is breaking new ground by offering a fresh and groundbreaking perspective on the mob genre.

A Passionate Endeavor: Bucking the Industry Norms

Fueled by an unwavering determination to tell an untold story, Esposito took an audacious leap of faith. Despite financial constraints, she mortgaged her own home to finance “Fresh Kills.” This bold move reflects her deep commitment to artistic expression and belief in the power of her vision.

“I’ve been told for years what I can and can’t be in this town. I got so sick of it that I decided to stop waiting for the world to believe in me and to believe in myself instead. I wanted to take this chance and know that, at the end of my life, I gave myself the opportunity I’ve been yearning for.” – Jennifer Esposito

Shattering Stereotypes: A Female Gaze on the Mafia

Unlike any mob movie before, “Fresh Kills” reframes the narrative from the perspective of the women within this secretive and patriarchal world.

“This film marks the first time we see the mafia through the eyes of women. I’m proud to be the first female to step into this genre, although it came with significant challenges. But it was a story that had to be told, a story about finding your voice in a world that silences you,” explains Esposito.

Obstacles and Breakthroughs: The Path to Production

Esposito’s journey was not without its hurdles. She faced pressure to let a male director take the reins in exchange for substantial funding. She stood her ground, unyielding in her vision.

“I was offered million to have a male director replace me. They also dangled big stars to entice me. But I refused to compromise my artistic integrity. I knew I had to be at the helm of this project,” Esposito recalls.

Casting a Dynamic Duo: Esposito and A’zion

Through a serendipitous Zoom call, Esposito discovered the perfect actress to play her on-screen daughter: Odessa A’zion. A’zion’s undeniable talent and passion for the role made her the ideal choice.

“I hired her right there on the Zoom! It was clear she was the one to bring this character to life,” Esposito gushes.

Rounding out the cast are acclaimed actors Domenick Lombardozzi (“Tulsa King”) and Annabella Sciorra (“Sopranos”), adding further depth to the narrative.

A Triumphant Premiere and Critical Acclaim

In a testament to Esposito’s tenacity, “Fresh Kills” premiered to rave reviews at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival and the Red Sea International Film Festival. Critics hailed the film as a groundbreaking achievement, earning it a reputation as one of the finest mafia films since “The Godfather.”

“I have to brag because this journey has been relentless. We’ve had some incredible reviews, including one that says it’s one of the best since ‘The Godfather.’ That recognition means the world to us,” beams Esposito.

A Call to Support Independent Cinema

Esposito urges audiences to embrace independent films like “Fresh Kills.” These productions provide a platform for original stories and diverse voices that often get overlooked by the mainstream.

“At independent film screenings, you get real stories, not just glossy productions. We need your support to keep these important voices alive,” appeals Esposito.

Mark your calendars for June 14th, the official release date for “Fresh Kills.” This groundbreaking film is a must-see for anyone who loves gripping dramas, fearless storytelling, and the power of female voices in the entertainment industry.

Jennifer Esposito in 'Fresh Kills'