L.A. Golf Wars: Tee Time Hell or Broker Blessing?


Tee Time Turmoil

The battle for the best tee times at Los Angeles golf courses continues to rage, leaving golfers frustrated and questioning the city’s booking system. Last month, a class action lawsuit was filed, alleging that reservations are being unfairly secured by “tee time brokers” using automated bots.

On March 14, a meeting of the Los Angeles Golf Advisory Committee saw a surge in attendance as golfers demanded action against these “scalpers.” The committee is currently working on several internal reports and forming a task force to address the issue.

Bot Brokers and the Scalping Game

The city’s website recently reaffirmed its policy prohibiting the use of bots or computer programs to secure reservations. However, golfers remain skeptical, reporting that bots continue to outpace humans in reserving coveted tee times.

Tee Time Challenges: A Long-Standing Battle

The difficulties faced by golfers in securing tee times are not new. Outdated booking systems and the presence of brokers have made reservations scarce, prompting comparisons to securing invites to exclusive parties in the Hollywood Hills.

The Broker’s Perspective

Some in the golfing industry defend the role of brokers. Golf retailers and course personnel argue that brokers provide a service for those unfamiliar with the online reservation system or lacking high-speed computers. They also point out that the problem extends beyond golf, affecting the availability of Dodgers Stadium tickets.

Innovation and Alternative Solutions

One company, LoopGolf, offers booking software that allows golfers to secure times for a transaction fee. Despite not having a contract with the city, the company hopes to partner with Los Angeles to enhance golfer flexibility.

Rabbit System: A Backdoor Approach

Some golfers have resorted to the “Rabbit System,” arriving at courses before opening and golfing without a reservation. This approach requires speed and the willingness to potentially play in less desirable conditions.

Upcoming Meeting and Hope for Resolution

The Los Angeles City Golf Advisory Committee will meet again on May 20. Golfers await concrete plans to democratize access to L.A.’s fairways and greens. Amidst the ongoing scrutiny and technological advancements, the future of tee time booking in Los Angeles remains uncertain.

Data sourced from: ktla.com