Landslide Perils Homes in Newport Beach: Three Endangered Under Towering Threat


Landslide Perils Lives in Newport Beach

Newport Beach, CA – A massive landslide has brought imminent danger to three homes in the idyllic coastal enclave of Newport Beach.

The Perilous Precipice

Residents were shaken awake at 4 a.m. on Thursday by the ominous groan of a landslide in the 1400 block of Galaxy Drive. The homes perilously perched on the edge of the shifting earth overlook the serene back bay and Upper Newport Bay State Marine Conservation Area.

Troubling Proximity

This incident echoes an eerily similar landslide that occurred just a few blocks away in March 2023. The recurrence of such geological turmoil raises concerns about the stability of the area.

Yellow-Tagged and at Risk

Three homes have been designated as “yellow-tagged” by authorities, signifying an imminent threat to human life. One home has already lost a significant portion of its backyard to the relentless landslide. Two neighboring homes, although currently undamaged, have also been tagged as a precautionary measure.

Emergency Response

Emergency crews have been swiftly deployed to the scene. Their valiant efforts are aimed at safeguarding lives, protecting property, and mitigating further damage. The situation remains fluid as responders work around the clock to ensure the well-being of the affected residents.

A Geological Wake-Up Call

The Newport Beach landslide serves as a chilling reminder of the capricious nature of our terrain. As global natural disasters intensify, it becomes imperative to proactively address geological hazards, ensuring the safety of our communities and the preservation of our beautiful landscapes for generations to come.

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