More Rain, Snow and Thunderstorms Coming to Southern California


Sun and Warmth: A Temporary Respite

After a weekend drenched in downpours, Southern California is granted a respite on Tuesday and Wednesday. Residents can look forward to a pleasant break from the rain, with sunshine and warmer temperatures gracing the region. However, the meteorological respite is short-lived, as clouds are poised to make a return on Thursday morning.

Thursday’s Rain and Friday’s Storm

Meteorologist Henry DiCarlo of LA News Center warns, “By Thursday evening, rain is back in the forecast, indicating an active Friday with rain and snow accumulation in the mountains.” The National Weather Service has also issued a forecast of possible thunderstorms for Friday. While this upcoming storm is not anticipated to be as intense as the one that graced Southern California this weekend, it’s still prudent to exercise caution.

Precipitation Tracker: Weekend Rainfall

Throughout the weekend, Southern California experienced significant rainfall. Downtown Los Angeles received 1.15 inches of rain, while Chatsworth saw 1.48 inches, and Claremont received 1.17 inches. However, the standout was South Gate, which accumulated over 3 inches of rainfall.

Temperature Dip and Snow Concerns

As the storm approaches on Thursday, temperatures are forecast to drop noticeably. The Weather Service cautions that very low snow levels are likely Friday night into Saturday morning, potentially leading to travel disruptions along the 5 Freeway through the Grapevine.

Second Storm System on the Horizon

As one storm system departs, another is already on the radar. LA News Center reports that a second storm system is anticipated to enter the region late Sunday into Monday of next week. Meteorologist Henry expresses cautious optimism, saying, “The weekend in between…I’m hoping to keep that generally sunny.”

Navigate the Fluctuations with Preparation

Stay informed about the evolving weather conditions by following updates from reputable sources. If you reside in areas prone to flooding or snowfall, make necessary precautions to minimize potential risks. Check your local news and weather outlets regularly for the latest forecasts and advisories.

[Image: KTLA Storm Tracker showcasing predicted moisture for Friday]

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