Neighborhood Battling ‘Trash House’ Dilemma: How Can We Help the Homeowner?

A Sky5 image shows piles of trash in the front yard of a Fairfax home on April 2, 2024. (KTLA)

Residents in Los Angeles’ Fairfax neighborhood are calling on the city to address the growing concerns posed by a “trash house” on North Martel Avenue.

Concerned Neighbors

  • Plastic bags stacked as high as the gate surround the property
  • Debris littering cars and side yards
  • Possible health risks due to rotting waste attracting pests
  • Fire hazard concerns
  • Access issues for emergency services
Trash is seen in the front yard of a Fairfax home on April 2, 2024. (KTLA)

Past Concerns

In December 2014, the city intervened after the homeowner failed to remove the trash. The owner was ordered to:

  • Remove the debris from the premises
  • Maintain the property’s cleanliness
  • Keep the driveway accessible

The city ultimately conducted the cleanup at the homeowner’s expense.

Call for Renewed Action

Residents, concerned about the worsening situation, are once again urging the city to intervene. They emphasize the need to address the health and safety hazards the “trash house” poses. Additionally, they express concern for the well-being of the homeowner and the need for him to receive appropriate assistance.