Pizza Chain Makes Big Move, LeBron James Tags Along


Blaze Pizza Headquarters Relocates to Atlanta, Fueled by Southern Growth

Blaze Pizza Pasadena sign

A beloved Southern California-born fast-casual pizza chain has spread its wings and soared south, relocating its headquarters to the bustling metropolis of Atlanta.

Blazing a Trail: Blaze Pizza’s Growth Trajectory

Blaze Pizza, founded in Pasadena in 2011, has emerged as a pizza-making powerhouse, known for its customizable approach where patrons can tailor their pies to their hearts’ desire. With locations spanning the U.S. and beyond, Blaze has captured the appetites of countless pizza enthusiasts.

The Catalyst for Relocation

According to a recent report by Restaurant Business, Blaze Pizza’s CEO, Beto Guajardo, cited ample opportunities for growth as the driving force behind the move to Atlanta. “California is where our brand’s journey began, and we hold the state’s communities dear where so many of our restaurants thrive,” Guajardo said in a statement. “However, relocating our corporate headquarters to Atlanta will empower us to navigate our next phase of expansion with greater efficiency and reach.”

Atlanta: A Hub for Innovation and Expansion

The relocation aligns with the nation’s demographic shift as more and more individuals and businesses flock to the Southern region. Atlanta, in particular, has evolved into a thriving hub for innovation and enterprise, offering Blaze Pizza a prime location to foster its ambitious growth plans.

A Customizable Culinary Canvas

Blaze Pizza’s unique dining experience empowers customers to create their dream pies, choosing from a wide array of fresh ingredients and gourmet toppings. Their rapid-fire assembly line ensures that each pizza is crafted with precision and speed, catering to the demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyles.

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