Post-Divorce Essentials: Restocking Life with Towels and More


Shedding the Shadow of Divorce: Fresh Starts for a Bright New Chapter

Going through a divorce can be an emotionally draining and disruptive experience. Familiar objects and spaces can become painful reminders of the past, while the absence of cherished possessions can create a void that’s equally unsettling.

Olivia Howell understands that all too well. After her divorce in 2019, she found herself with a life in need of a rebuild. Determined to make the process less daunting for others, she created Fresh Starts, a game-changing gift registry specifically tailored to post-divorce needs.

Breaking the Stigma

Divorce registries, along with divorce parties and formal announcements, are part of a growing trend that challenges the stigma often associated with broken marriages. Just as we celebrate weddings and new births, divorce, too, can mark a new beginning, a chance to rebuild and reimagine.

“When going through a divorce, you need things to restock your life,” explains Howell, now 39. “You need community support, new towels, sheets, utensils. It’s a time when people really need help.”

Fresh Starts, which attracts between 50,000 and 70,000 visitors monthly, provides a platform for individuals to create registries that cater specifically to their post-divorce needs. With the support of carefully vetted experts and resources, they can embark on a fresh journey with renewed hope.

“Flowers and wine are often thoughtful gestures during divorce,” says Howell, “but practical items like lamps and linens are often overlooked.”

Embracing the Tangible Support

Many retail registries accommodate divorce-related purchases, but Fresh Starts has taken it a step further. Partnering with Amazon, they offer curated bundles of essential items, ranging from to 0, to streamline the process for those overwhelmed by the task of rebuilding.

These bundles include essentials like shower curtains, can openers, bedside clocks, humidifiers, and even child-friendly hangers and night lights. Recipients can create bundles or select specific items from the site, but getting to the emotional point where they reach out for this kind of tangible support isn’t always easy.

A Celebration of Renewal

Angela Ashurst-McGee, 52, turned to a divorce registry after finalizing her divorce after 32 years of marriage. Faced with the practicalities of dividing a vast home, she found herself in need of a fresh start.

“I wanted to replace various things, and I also felt like divorce was a big life event that we should celebrate,” she says.

Using Amazon’s registry without the Fresh Starts platform, Ashurst-McGee added a touch of whimsy to her list with outdoor twinkle lights, acknowledging the happiness that lay ahead.

“Everybody who reached out said, ‘This is a great idea!’ It’s hard to know what to do for someone going through a divorce other than expressing sympathy. This gave people a concrete way to show support.”

Practicality Meets Positivity

Divorce registries offer more than just practical assistance. They provide a positive and forward-looking approach, bypassing the potential pitfalls of judgment and blame game.

“People may worry about taking sides,” says Ashurst-McGee. “But this is something you can do without becoming involved in the situation. It’s about looking ahead, not denigrating anyone, but simply offering practical support.”

Fresh Starts has become a beacon of hope for those navigating the challenges of divorce. By breaking away from the emotional and practical burdens of the past, it empowers individuals to embrace their newfound independence and envision a brighter tomorrow.

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