Reckless Pursuit Ends in Arrest: Suspect Caught Littering Narcotics from Pickup


High-Speed Chase Ends in Suspect’s Capture

A wild chase through the streets of Long Beach concluded with the arrest of a reckless DUI suspect on Saturday, May 27, 2024.

After initiating a pursuit on surface streets, deputies with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department found themselves in a high-speed chase with a pickup truck driver exhibiting erratic behavior and suspected of driving under the influence. The suspect, later said to be in possession of narcotics, tossed something out of the window during the chase.

Despite repeated commands to exit the vehicle, the suspect remained in the cab of the truck, apparently engrossed in a phone conversation. Finally, he emerged and followed commands to walk backward towards the authorities, leading to his apprehension.

KTLA’s Sky5 helicopter was present throughout the chase, providing a breathtaking aerial perspective of the unfolding events. The news team’s live coverage captured the drama from above as the suspect’s pickup truck weaved through traffic. The chase culminated in the suspect’s arrest as he exited the vehicle.

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