RV Encampment Raises Concerns in Pacoima: Residents Demand Action


Pacoima Residents Cry for Help Amidst RV Encampment Woes

The plight of residents in Pacoima continues to worsen as the RV encampment in their neighborhood remains unaddressed, causing a myriad of problems that threaten their well-being.

At a recent meeting of the Pacoima Neighborhood Council, residents painted a grim picture of the impact the encampment has had on their community.

“Our streets are littered with toxic waste and human excrement, and the sidewalks are blocked by wooden structures used for privacy,” said Teresa Paniagua, a Pacoima resident. “They have also brought in aggressive animals that roam freely, posing a safety hazard.”

Image of RVs parked in a neighborhood in Pacoima

Public Safety Impaired

KTLA reporter Ellina Abovian counted around two dozen RVs parked on Bradley Avenue near the Pacoima Wash. Neighbors have created a Change.org petition to highlight the issue.

While residents express sympathy for those experiencing homelessness, they emphasize that public safety must be prioritized.

“I understand that people are going through a tough time,” added Paniagua. “But when it affects you and you’re worried about the safety of your loved ones, something needs to change.”

Seeking Solutions

Despite appeals to city leaders, the RV encampment issue has not been resolved. Residents are now turning to community support and possible legal action to address the situation.

“We have had enough,” said another resident. “We demand action to restore safety and cleanliness to our neighborhood.”

The LA News Center will continue to monitor this developing story and provide updates as they become available.