Sam Rubin’s Last Words: Witness the Final Interview with Jane Seymour


Sam Rubin, KTLA’s Beloved Entertainment Anchor, Dies at 64: His Final Interview with Jane Seymour

Sam Rubin, the legendary entertainment anchor for KTLA, passed away on Friday morning at the age of 64, leaving behind a legacy of heartwarming moments and enduring contributions to the entertainment industry. His final on-air interview was an unforgettable conversation with his friend, the renowned actress Jane Seymour.

A Heartfelt Farewell: Sam Rubin’s Lasting Legacy

Rubin’s career spanned decades, during which he became a beloved figure in the Southern California community and beyond. His infectious enthusiasm, sharp wit, and unwavering dedication to his craft made him a household name and a true icon in the world of entertainment journalism.

Rubin’s passing sent shockwaves through the industry and beyond, leaving a void that will be difficult to fill. He was known for his genuine love of the arts, his ability to connect with viewers, and his tireless efforts to bring the latest entertainment news to his audience.

A Chance Encounter: Jane Seymour Remembers Her Final Conversation

In a poignant interview with LA News Center, Jane Seymour reflected on her final conversation with Rubin, which aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News just days before his untimely demise. Seymour, who has known Rubin for years, shared that the interview was filled with laughter, reminiscing, and a deep appreciation for their enduring friendship.

“It was such a wonderful opportunity to sit down with Sam and talk about all the things we shared,” Seymour said. “He was so full of life, so vibrant, and so passionate about his work. Little did we know that it would be his final interview.”

Sam Rubin and Jane Seymour

An Enduring Legacy: Celebrating Sam Rubin’s Contributions to Entertainment Journalism

Sam Rubin’s legacy extends far beyond his final interview with Jane Seymour. He was a pioneer in the field of entertainment journalism, using his platform to promote and celebrate the arts and to bring the latest trends to his viewers.

  • Rubin’s interviews with countless Hollywood stars spanned the decades, providing fans with exclusive insights into the lives and careers of their favorite celebrities.
  • He played a pivotal role in the growth of KTLA’s entertainment department, transforming it into a nationally recognized destination for entertainment news.
  • Rubin’s commitment to excellence earned him numerous awards and accolades, including multiple Emmy Awards, Golden Mike Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Remembering Sam Rubin: A Master of the Craft and a Friend to Many

Sam Rubin’s passing is a profound loss to the entertainment world and to the community he served. He was a true master of his craft, a compassionate friend, and a source of inspiration for all who knew him.

As we celebrate his life and mourn his passing, let us remember the countless smiles he brought to our faces, the countless stars he interviewed, and the unwavering dedication he showed to the art of entertainment journalism.

Rest in peace, Sam Rubin. Your legacy will live on through the generations of entertainment professionals you influenced and the countless fans you entertained.