Shark Attack at California Beach: Swimmer Injured, Beaches Closed


Shark Encounter Close Calls Southern California Beaches

Closed Beach Sign

A morning swim turned into a shocking incident when a swimmer in Southern California encountered a shark. On Sunday morning, the tranquility of Del Mar Beach, north of San Diego, was shattered when a 46-year-old man was attacked. The swimmer was approximately 100 yards offshore from the 17th Street Beach Safety Center when the shark struck.

Witnessing the Aftermath

Lifeguards observed the incident unfold and swiftly responded, unaware at first of the shark involvement. The swimmer was found with visible bites to his torso, left arm, and hand. The injured man was transported to the nearby Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, where his injuries are reported as non-life-threatening.

Immediate Beach Closure

  • Following the attack, lifeguards promptly posted warning signs along the shoreline, alerting beachgoers of the “SHARK INCIDENT.”
  • As per established protocols, Del Mar beaches were closed for swimming and surfing within a one-mile radius from the incident site, stretching from 6th Street to North Beach.
  • Neighboring jurisdictions were notified to ensure safety measures were in place.

Nearby Incidents Add to Safety Concerns

Another beach in the region experienced a close call involving a shark. Just 40 miles north in San Clemente, authorities closed a popular beach during the Memorial Day holiday after a shark bumped a surfer off his board. Thankfully, the surfer remained unharmed, but the beach was closed for 24 hours as a precautionary measure.

Surveillance and Response

  1. Sighting a shark 10 feet or larger typically triggers a closure, usually for a few hours.
  2. Any aggressive behavior by a shark results in an immediate 24-hour shutdown, provided no further shark sightings occur.

Authorities emphasize the importance of adhering to safety guidelines and remaining vigilant when venturing into the ocean. With these recent incidents serving as reminders, beachgoers are urged to follow posted instructions and report any unusual activity to lifeguards.