Shocking New Details: Deputies Left Man to Die in超市


Betrayal and Cover-Up: Deputy Gang Allegedly Leaves Victim to Die in Horrifying Supermarket Incident

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

The Dark Side of the Badge

A chilling lawsuit has shed light on a shocking incident involving a deputy gang within the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD). It alleges that a group of deputies, driven by a twisted sense of loyalty, left a suspect to die in a supermarket pillar after a pursuit that went horribly wrong.

Deadly Chase and a Tragic End

In 2016, former Deputy Aaron Tanner and his colleagues engaged in a pursuit with 35-year-old Raymundo Rivera. During the chase, Rivera sought shelter inside a pillar at a Lancaster supermarket. According to LASD officials at the time, he became trapped and unable to escape. However, Tanner’s ex-girlfriend revealed a haunting truth in her lawsuit against him.

Boastful Confessions and a Macabre Twist

In her lawsuit, Tanner’s ex-girlfriend (identified as Jane Doe to protect her identity) claimed that Tanner boasted about the incident. He allegedly admitted that he and other deputies knew Rivera had fallen into the pillar but abandoned him instead of rescuing him. The lawsuit further alleges that false reports were filed to cover up the truth.

Deputy Gang: Power and Intimidation

Jane Doe’s lawsuit also revealed the existence of a deputy gang known as the “Rattlesnakes” within the LASD. She alleged that Tanner claimed to be a “shot-caller,” or leader, within the gang. Furthermore, he reportedly threatened that his fellow Rattlesnakes would harm her if she exposed his abuse.

Coercion and Retaliation

Former LASD employees have corroborated the allegations of deputy gangs. They claim that these gangs wield significant power and pressure members to join by coercing them into obtaining specific tattoos. Those who resist face retaliation and negative consequences at work.

Institutional Corruption and Cover-Ups

The revelations in this case raise serious questions about the integrity of the LASD. If deputy gangs exist, as alleged, they represent a significant threat to public trust and the rule of law. Independent investigations are crucial to fully uncover the extent of the problem and hold accountable those responsible for such heinous acts.

Deafening Silence: LASD’s Response

The LA News Center has reached out to the LASD for comment on these disturbing allegations. However, the department has yet to respond. The deafening silence cannot hide the dark truths exposed by these accusations, leaving the public to wonder: What secrets and horrors lie within the depths of such an institution?

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