Shocking Video: Pottery Studio Caught Dumping Hazardous Waste


Santa Monica Pottery Studio Under Fire for Improper Water Disposal

A popular pottery studio in Santa Monica is facing backlash after a video emerged showing employees disposing of dirty water improperly. The video, obtained by LA News Center, has sparked outrage among community members and environmental activists.

Alleged Violations

The video, reportedly captured by a concerned passerby, shows two employees of Color Me Mine Santa Monica pouring a large amount of water containing ceramic glaze into a storm drain on Main Street. Storm drains are designed to collect rainwater and carry it away from streets, but they are not intended for industrial waste or chemicals like glaze.

Environmental Concerns

Experts warn that the glaze contains toxic chemicals, including lead and cadmium, which can have detrimental effects on aquatic life and public health. When disposed of improperly, glaze-contaminated water can enter waterways, poison fish, and harm marine ecosystems.

Community Outrage

The video has sparked anger and frustration among Santa Monica residents. Many have expressed dismay that a business they trusted for creative expression could engage in such environmentally irresponsible behavior. Local environmental groups have called for an immediate investigation and strict penalties for the studio.

Studio’s Response

In response to the backlash, Color Me Mine Santa Monica has issued a statement expressing regret for the incident. The studio claims that the employees in the video were not properly trained and that the improper disposal was an isolated event.

The studio has also promised to implement new protocols to ensure that all waste, including glaze, is disposed of responsibly in accordance with environmental regulations.

Investigation Underway

The City of Santa Monica has launched an investigation into the incident and has issued a Notice of Violation to Color Me Mine Santa Monica. The investigation will determine whether there were any violations of local environmental laws and if any fines or penalties are warranted.

Call for Accountability

Community members and environmentalists are calling for strict accountability for Color Me Mine Santa Monica and other businesses that engage in improper waste disposal. They emphasize the importance of protecting the environment and ensuring that businesses operate responsibly in the community.

The LA News Center will continue to follow this story and provide updates as the investigation progresses.

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