Shrek’s Inspiration: Northern California Donkeys Get Government Aid to Help Pay for Care


Neigh-tastic News: Beloved Donkeys Receive Generous Grant

In a heartwarming gesture, the beloved donkeys of Palo Alto’s Bol Park have received a generous ,000 matching grant from the mayor and City Council. This grant is a lifeline for the aging trio—Perry the Shrek-inspiring donkey, Buddy, and April—whose escalating healthcare costs had cast a shadow over their golden years.

**The Donkey Whisperer**

Leading the care for these gentle creatures is Jenny Kiratli, a dedicated donkey handler. Kiratli has witnessed firsthand the growing expenses associated with the donkeys’ twilight years. “Their annual budget has skyrocketed to ,000, a far cry from the ,000-,000 it was just a few years ago,” she told the LA News Center.

**Perry the Star**

Perry, the 30-year-old matriarch of the group, holds a special place in the hearts of many. As the inspiration behind the iconic “Shrek” character Donkey, Perry has brought joy to audiences worldwide. His gentle demeanor and amusing antics have cemented his status as a beloved entertainment icon.

**A Trio of Treasures**

Buddy, at 24 years old, is the mischievous and playful member of the trio. His playful nature and irresistible charm make him a visitor favorite. April, the youngest at 15, is the “April” in all their “May”. Her sweet temperament and affectionate nature radiate warmth throughout the park.

**Challenges Faced**

The grant from the City Council is a much-needed lifeline for these aging donkeys. With their declining health, they require specialized care and medications, driving up their medical bills. The donkeys’ expenses have become a sustainability challenge, putting a strain on their caretakers.

**A Future Secured**

The grant will significantly ease the financial burden on the donkeys’ caretakers. It will provide increased funding for their healthcare, allowing them to live out their days in comfort and dignity. The city’s acknowledgment of the donkeys’ importance to the community reflects the deep bond that has formed between the gentle creatures and the residents of Palo Alto.

**Ongoing Support Needed**

While the grant is a significant step forward, the donkeys’ ongoing care will require continued support. Visitors to Bol Park can make a valuable contribution by donating to the Barron Park Donkeys Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the donkeys’ well-being. Together, we can ensure that Perry, Buddy, and April continue to bring joy and companionship to the community for many years to come.

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