SoCal’s Springtime Blues to Transform into Sunny Skies This Week


After enduring a gloomy start to spring, Southern California can finally bask in the radiant glow of sunshine and the comforting warmth of higher temperatures as a ridge of high pressure graces our coastline.

KTLA 5’s Kaj Goldberg shares the exhilarating forecast, “As this high-pressure system moves in, we’ll experience a refreshing flow of offshore winds.” He continues, “Prepare for a delightful stretch of sunny days from Monday to Thursday, setting the perfect stage for outdoor activities and the celestial spectacle of a solar eclipse on Monday.”

Monday: A Solar Eclipse Special

Monday’s mid-70s temperatures and crystal-clear skies paint an idyllic canvas for the upcoming solar eclipse. “Expect ample sunshine,” Goldberg advises. “As you gaze up at the heavens that afternoon, you’ll be treated to an unobstructed view of this celestial event.”

Tuesday-Thursday: Soaring Temperatures and Sunshine Bliss

Tuesday through Thursday promise even warmer temperatures, with highs reaching the low-80s. Embrace the extended sunny spell and indulge in outdoor pursuits or simply bask in the golden rays.

A Temporary Respite Before Potential Showers

Our sunny respite may come to a temporary halt on Saturday when cloudy skies and possible rain are predicted to return to the Southland. Goldberg cautions, “By Saturday morning, showers could make an unwelcome reappearance.” Fortunately, drier conditions are expected to prevail by Sunday, albeit with cooler temperatures.

Stay Tuned for Weather Updates

As the week unfolds, stay tuned for the latest weather updates to plan your outdoor activities accordingly. LA News Center will provide timely forecasts and advisories to keep you informed about any changing conditions.

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