Starving Pelicans Found Stranded on OC Beaches to be Released


Starving Pelicans Find New Hope After Recovering at LA Center

Twelve brown pelicans found near death on Orange County beaches have emerged from a rehabilitation center stronger than ever. Their harrowing ordeal and remarkable comeback is a testament to the vital role played by wildlife care facilities.

A Mysterious Mass Stranding

In late April, hordes of sickened pelicans began washing up on Newport Beach’s shores, baffling wildlife experts. These majestic birds were emaciated, dehydrated, and riddled with parasites, their bodies ravaged by a still-unknown cause.

Recovering pelicans are seen at the Wetlands Wildlife Care Center.
Recovering pelicans at the Wetlands Wildlife Care Center. (Courtesy of WWCC via Facebook)

Wings of Hope at Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center

The Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center (WWCC) in Huntington Beach welcomed these ailing birds with open arms. Around the clock, staff administered fluids, medicines, and an ample supply of fish to restore their weakened bodies.

Many pelicans responded swiftly to this dedicated care. Sadly, some with severe conditions, such as skeletal deformities or infections, remain under treatment, awaiting the day they too can return to the wild.

Ready for Release: A New Lease on Life

Twelve robust pelicans have demonstrated their readiness to spread their wings once more. On Friday, these fortunate individuals will be released at Big Corona on Corona del Mar State Park Beach.

LA News Center will be there to capture this poignant moment when these majestic creatures reclaim their freedom and soar through the skies. Stay tuned for updates on this heartwarming homecoming!