Teen Crashes Car into Home in Newbury Park, Suspected of DUI


Reckless Teenage Driver Crashes into Newbury Park Home, Allegedly Driving Under the Influence

On Monday night, a harrowing incident unfolded in Newbury Park, Ventura County, as a teenage girl allegedly driving under the influence (DUI) plowed her vehicle into a residence, causing significant damage and leaving the community shaken.

A Trail of Suspicious Acts

Shortly after 8:15 p.m., reports emerged of a reckless driver heading the wrong way on Mountain Creek Drive near Gentle Creek Circle. Witnesses described a high-speed vehicle veering dangerously, prompting immediate concern.

Just minutes later, the situation escalated when multiple calls flooded the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, reporting a vehicle had crashed into a house on Redbush Street.

A Narrow Escape and Fire Threat

Deputies and firefighters rushed to the scene, encountering a disturbing sight: the car engulfed in flames. In a remarkable act of bravery, a neighbor who witnessed the crash sprang into action, using a garden hose to quench the blaze before emergency responders could arrive.

Teen Driver and Passenger Arrested

Amidst the commotion, deputies located two 17-year-old females near the scene—the driver and a passenger. The driver was promptly arrested on suspicion of DUI and hit-and-run, while the passenger was taken into custody for public intoxication and hindering the investigation.

Seeking Justice and Damage Assessment

Meanwhile, family members of the homeowners and community residents expressed outrage and demanded justice for the reckless actions that had jeopardized lives and property. The extent of the damage to the home remained under assessment, as authorities worked to determine the full impact of the incident.

Commendable Community Spirit and Concerns

The swift actions of the neighbor who extinguished the fire drew praise from the community and officials alike. However, concerns linger about the dangers of impaired driving and the need for responsible behavior behind the wheel.

This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the tragic consequences that can result from reckless driving. The LA News Center urges all drivers to prioritize safety, obey traffic laws, and avoid any activities that can impair their judgment and endanger others.

Data sourced from: ktla.com