Teen Trespassers Escalate Antics, Invade Knott’s Berry Farm


Tik Tok Teens Strike Again: Trespassing at Knott’s Berry Farm

Intruders Make Headlines with Reckless Behavior

Two teenagers who gained notoriety for breaking into the Intuit Dome in Inglewood, have once again made headlines. Their latest escapade involves trespassing at Knott’s Berry Farm in Orange County, California.

A Tale of Daring and Disregard

The teenagers, who boast nearly 17,000 followers on TikTok under the handle shawty_grandmaa, audaciously scaled a fence using fire hydrants and trees. Unabashed, they captured their entire escapade on video, later posting it on the social media platform.

A Day of Unlawful Adventure

Once inside the park, the teens reveled in their exploration. They enjoyed thrilling rides and shared their triumphs with virtual applause from their online followers. However, their actions were far from harmless amusement.

A History of Defiance

This incident is not an isolated one. The same teenagers have a history of trespassing and lawbreaking. Their previous escapades include entering the Intuit Dome, where they not only played basketball but recklessly sprayed a fire extinguisher.

They have also defied security at Oceanwide Plaza skyscrapers in downtown Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium, and SoFi Stadium. Their brazen attitude and disregard for rules have caught the attention of authorities.

Authorities on Alert

The Buena Park Police Department has been alerted to the Knott’s Berry Farm incident. The park management has taken swift action, providing police with images of the suspects and reviewing security measures to prevent future breaches.

Facing the Consequences

If caught, the teenagers could face multiple trespassing charges, a serious offense that carries penalties. Their actions have not only violated the law but also compromised the safety of the park and its patrons.

A Call for Responsibility

While the teenagers’ TikTok videos may have garnered attention, their behavior is not to be celebrated. Trespassing is a dangerous and illegal act that can have severe consequences. It is imperative that they and others understand the limits of their actions and the importance of respecting boundaries.

Data sourced from: ktla.com