“Terrifying Car Chase Ends in Freeway Shooting: What Really Happened?”


High-Speed Car Chase Ends in Shooting on San Gabriel Valley Freeways

A dramatic car chase unfolded in the San Gabriel Valley on Wednesday night, culminating in a shooting incident on the freeways. The chaos began when two vehicles began pursuing the victims, firing shots at them on the 60 Freeway in Monterey Park. The California Highway Patrol was alerted to the situation just before 9:30 p.m.

Officers investigate a vehicle that was struck by gunfire on the 60 Freeway on Jan 10, 2024.
Officers investigate a vehicle that was struck by gunfire on the 60 Freeway on Jan 10, 2024. (RMGNews)

The victims, in an attempt to escape their pursuers, drove onto the 101 Freeway and headed towards Encino. Dispatchers instructed them to exit at Balboa Boulevard, where officers were waiting. However, the suspects did not exit the freeway. Despite this, officers discovered a bullet hole in the front passenger door of the victims’ vehicle.

Fortunately, the driver of the targeted vehicle only sustained a graze-wound injury to his right ankle. In video footage captured after the incident, the victim can be seen speaking with authorities and appears to be in stable condition.

Investigators have determined that the incident originated near Del Mar Avenue on the 10 Freeway, where one of the suspect vehicles attempted to block the victims’ path. The suspects were driving black sedans, one of which was a Mercedes-Benz and the other a Lexus. Unfortunately, no further descriptions of the suspects are currently available.

Escalating Violence on the Roads

This incident is yet another example of the escalating violence on California’s freeways. Carjackings and shootings have become alarmingly common, leaving innocent drivers fearing for their safety. The brazenness of these criminals is evident as they target their victims in broad daylight and on busy highways.

Authorities are working tirelessly to combat this trend and bring those responsible to justice. Increased police presence and surveillance measures are being implemented to deter criminals and ensure the safety of the public.

Impact on the Community

Communities in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond are feeling the impact of these violent incidents. Residents are living in fear, reluctant to travel on the freeways, and concerned for their loved ones’ safety. It is crucial for law enforcement agencies to address this issue promptly and effectively to restore a sense of security to the affected communities.

Seeking Justice

As investigations into this incident continue, law enforcement agencies are urging anyone with information to come forward. Cooperation from witnesses and the public is vital in identifying the suspects and holding them accountable for their actions. Together, we can work towards a safer future and put an end to these reckless acts of violence.


The carjacking attempt that led to a shooting on the San Gabriel Valley freeways is a stark reminder of the dangers that exist on our roads. The victims narrowly escaped harm, but the incident serves as a wake-up call for authorities and the community alike. It is imperative that we remain vigilant, report any suspicious activity, and work together to create a safer environment for everyone.